This is a work of fiction. All the characters in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or real events is purely coincidental. Copyright © 2017 by Stardust a lost alien All rights reserved. The picture used has been found here: Ladies and gentlemen and all the rest I … Continue reading Science

Rambling: I hope this helps to clarify…

I stumbled upon the 1000th Facebook post on how identity politics have contributed to the election of Donald Trump, and generally the rise of the far right in this moment, and how they are very very bad. So, since I'm not from the USA (and I'm very very very happy for that) and since I … Continue reading Rambling: I hope this helps to clarify…

Stupid music to turn off my brain

Versione in italiano qui. Actually, I don't think that any intellectual activity is totally stupid. You're still using your mind after all, and you're still absorbing things and thinking about them. However, there is indeed intellectual activity which requires much more mind work than other; writing a book is way more demanding than writing this … Continue reading Stupid music to turn off my brain

I will rewrite my first book, or how Donald Trump and Milo Yannopoulos became my idols

Versione in italiano qui Sometime ago, I decided I will rewrite my first book. Remember the I translated my book post, where I said that, for at least some time but more probably forever, I wouldn't even look at my first book? Yeah, apparently I was joking. I wrote that book in a very busy … Continue reading I will rewrite my first book, or how Donald Trump and Milo Yannopoulos became my idols

Dreaming of monsters

Italian translation here. Having a perverse mind sometimes can be tricky. It's excellent if you want to be creative, of course! What can be better for a horror books writer than having a whole monstrous world inside your head? You don't need to do any effort at all, things are there already, just waiting to be … Continue reading Dreaming of monsters

I’ve published my book

Versione italiana qui Yeah. Sort of. But it's out! Out and about! No, just out for the moment, as for the about we will see. Well, it's been a serious nuisance. Not writing it, publishing it. Read through all the instructions, make sure you're doing everything properly, check the copyright page, format the document the way … Continue reading I’ve published my book

My pick-up art

Italian translation here. So. Pick-up art, uh? Or PUA. It looks like there are a lot of people buying into this stuff. I mean, there are articles being written about it. Just google it. There are confessions from pick-up artists: There are male humans who tried to figure out the best way to speak with … Continue reading My pick-up art

Misogyny in the West and in the Middle East: an unfortunate comparison

Italian translation here. This is what happens when you discuss misogyny in different places in the world and the perception that humans have of it, and then your love for lurid and your inclination for comparisons and jokes which really shouldn't be made gets the better of you. "Let's put it this way, since I have … Continue reading Misogyny in the West and in the Middle East: an unfortunate comparison

Forced parenthood

Italian translation here. Today there's another post on humans' gender issues (and it is that awful thing I would have liked to write about the last time). I know I write a lot about it, and I'll keep doing so: it's one of the most important subjects to me, as it's also one of the biggest … Continue reading Forced parenthood