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Versione italiana qui.

Welcome to my blog, visitor. I am happy to see you here.

I am an alien lost on Earth, I got lost in 1993. For the moment being, I see no evident signs of a forthcoming reunion with my people. While I still hope and look for them, I decided in the meantime to create this blog to write and share the observations about humans I’ve been doing in this time. Living with them is so difficult. We are so different.

If you want to contact me, please write to stardustalostalien@gmail.com . I also have a Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/Stardustalostalien/ or just look for Stardust: a lost alien. I encourage contacts in case you had information on my people and on how to find them.

Very often I share links to this or that song (usually on YouTube), because I think music can excellently convey emotions or messages. It is not intended as a violation of the artists’ copyright; if some artists perceive it as such, I apologize. I know that it’s difficult to live as an artist, I know that artistic work is usually not even seen as a proper work. On the other hand, I think that culture should be free: to spread, to make use of. I would like to live in a world where works of art or intellect are free to be shared and enjoyed, while at the same time respecting the effort of the ones who have created them. That is, my people’s world.
But that’s not the case: I’m here on Earth. So, I beg the pardon of the artists whom I use the art of.
Another very important thing: some artists, which includes also musicians and writers, are horrible humans which, for some not well explained reason, manage to create beautiful things and to write texts which could as well be written by my people. Sometimes I suspect that my people take possession of humans, make them do wonderful things, and then leave them again. Either way. I want to underline that if I share a song, a piece of a book, whatever, it’s not necessarily because I agree with everything that artist is or believes. I might consider him/her a nothing. Still, I could also like his/her art.
When I share some work of art it’s because I appreciate it and because of the value and meaning it has for me.

And finally, be careful: here’s there’s quite a lot of dark humour going around, as well as sensitive topics treated sometime seriously and sometime lightly, and a tendency of making fun of things that are not exactly funny.
So if any of this might make you uncomfortable at the moment maybe you can try later.

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