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Versione italiana qui.

It was about time I rewrote the “About me” page. This time has finally come.

A the current moment, I am mainly a writer. I love both hard sciences, mathematics, and art, and now I’m going in the art direction (I’d like to do everything at once but I unfortunately have only 24 hours in a day). I write poetry, short stories and most of all (bad) books: horror/sci-fi novels. Horror is one of my favourite genres for what concerns books; films not so much as I find there are very few good horror films, with the majority pointing on jump-scare and ridiculous teen stories.
I also have a music project aside, meaning that one day I’d like to start doing music, and I’m gathering the knowledge and the instruments necessary to do so. But this is going to require some more time, both because of the cost of musical instruments and the gear, and also because, well, learning new things and doing them properly simply takes time and energy. I’ll get there, but for now I feel I can call myself only a writer. A beginner writer. OK, a bad one.

Apart from that, I’m a genderqueer genderfucked alien, interested in topics like gender and sexuality. I’ve been wandering around on Earth since 1993. Besides I’m a horror feminist belonging to the gamma wave of feminism. You know, first, second and third wave of feminism, and gamma radiation. Which is a wave. An electromagnetic wave. No? Nothing? Eh. I have to stop laughing at my own jokes which nobody understands. Yeah, maybe I should add that I make horrible jokes and I have a sense of humour oscillating between black humour and the one of a five years old.

And I have this blog. I must admit I don’t write on it regularly: writing books, music, my job (I don’t eat fried air), people I like, people I love, reading, video-games, learning new things, training, eating, sleeping, having sex and going to the toilet have the precedence (not necessarily in this order). But I do write on the blog from time to time, about pretty much anything which crosses my mind. I also have a Facebook page. I created both the blog and the Facebook page to get people to know me and spread my art… which is mostly still in the making. At any rate, I thought that starting to let people know I exist was a good idea.
Oh, for your information, it’s not working. The Facebook page has 20 likes – big numbers – and it’s a chaotic mess of different things related only by the fact that they go through my mind. I suck at PR, and I have neither the time nor the will to dedicate myself too much to it. But I have some hard core followers, one in particular, who for obscure reasons follow me obstinately and actually pay attention to what I publish. If we ever happen to meet, I’ll have to offer you a lot of tea.

Feel free to contact myself, through Facebook or stardustalostalien@gmail.com, if you want to have a chat, discuss something, inform me about alien sightings, or tell me to go fuck myself. I do masturbate rather often already though, even without you telling me. Ah, yes, I should mention that I like to speak a lot about sex.

What else?

My mother tongue isn’t English, it’s Italian, so you’ll surely find grammatical mistakes. Doing my best. Do correct me if you notice something which sounds really wrong.

I’m a loonie, a jerk, a Disney villain and I’m evil.

I don’t know how to people.

And I’m done.

Goodbye for now.

Warning: there’s quite a lot of dark humour going around here, as well as sensitive topics treated sometime seriously and sometime lightly, and a tendency of making fun of things that are not exactly funny.
So if any of this might make you uncomfortable at the moment maybe you can try later.

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