A real man loves his woman every day of the month


This is beyond funny xD

And now I’ll spoil a perfectly good meme with a semi-serious reflection that it has inspired in me, and that you don’t have to read if you just want to enjoy a good joke.

There seems to be this assumption that for women is normal to swallow or at least take in the mouth the sperm of their partners, and that for men it’s instead normal to be disgusted by their partners’ menstrual blood.

Well, guys, it’s fucking stupid and you’re missing a lot of fun.

But I need to make some specifications.

Specification #1: nobody should be forced to do anything sexually, and if for a man menstrual blood is a hard limit, fine. Maybe for another person anal sex is a hard limit, or blowjobs, or cunnilingus, or whatever. Oral sex as a hard limit sounds like a tragedy to me, but me is me and you is you, right? The point here is that it doesn’t look like a hard limit for just some men, which would be normal: it’s considered the norm. A man who fucks a woman during her period, and even more a man who goes down on a woman during her period, is considered a rarity (and maybe he is). This norm is not normal at all to me. It sounds much more like the result of a widespread attitude which considers female bodily functions as inherently more revolting than male ones. So although I admit it could be a personal hard limit, I tend to think it’s also the result of this apparently commonly held idea according to which menstrual blood should be more disgusting than sperm.

Specification #2: it’s not a good idea to get blood of a person you don’t know really well in your mouth. STDs, you know. And even if I’m almost sure that sperm is less risky than blood for this matter (but if you’re reading this you have an Internet connection, so don’t trust me blindly and use it), sperm too can constitute a risk. So if I were you I wouldn’t swallow that either, not without really trusting that person. I’m not encouraging unprotected sex here. Just decent, free sex between partners who trust each other.

Now back to menstrual blood and sperm. Why should menstrual blood be more disgusting? It’s simply stupid. Sure, menstrual bloody, and also that snail-like slime which is the natural vaginal lubricant and which I fondly call pussy juice, don’t smell like roses, and they don’t taste of chocolate. And, I hope I’m not revealing some dreadful secret here: neither does sperm. Sperm doesn’t smell nice, and it doesn’t taste like strawberry (sperm smoothie, anyone?): it just tastes of sperm and it’s salty. If anything, it can have slight shifts in taste depending of what you have eaten (the more you know). And since we’re at it: your asshole doesn’t smell or taste particularly nice either. Human fluids are not known for smelling nice and tasting like a gourmet dish, people. Letting go of intimacy and an improved sense of confidence with your body and the one of your partner, and making your partner feel like she is repugnant just because of how her body works, simply because you’ve got this idea that menstrual blood is supposed to be disgusting is dismal. Always keeping in mind specifications #1 and #2, trust me: sex is way better for both of you if you don’t consider some very normal, very sexual bodily function of your partner somehow wrong.

So stop being a pussy and shove your nose into her pussy, blood or not blood (JOKE).

And now you can go back to laugh at the meme.


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