This is a work of fiction. All the characters in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or real events is purely coincidental.

Copyright © 2017 by Stardust a lost alien
All rights reserved.

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Ladies and gentlemen and all the rest
I think I have something
that you should know
Don’t know where to start
Can’t find a fixed style
I will just go with the flow

What I want to discuss
today is science
and sorry already
for my lack of compliance

Physics I think
is indeed fantastic
noble and elegant
a tad bombastic

The wave functions
I’ll gladly ride
High on this
invisible tide

And when it does shine
into my view
I’ll admire red, yellow,
and green and blue

Off the spectrum and
pulled up by a lever
into gravity again I dive
I’ll take a swing on a pendulum
and then at the speed of light
wind on my face I’ll drive

All the elements
are so fascinating
plutonium then
is just breathtaking

I’m totally in love
with xenon and helium
uranium and thorium
But if you dictate what’s in my mind
I’ll loose my cool
and turn to corium

Guess I’ll need
an electric blue pool
Yes I know
You think I’m a fool

What can I do
I was just born
on the wrong wavelength of the spectrum
While you discuss
what is and isn’t science
I’ll shove it all up my rectum

Or maybe why not up yours
’cause if you want me to be honest
I’d rather science to be good ol’ Physics
about protons and neutrons and quarks
electrons and bonds
and that matter that’s dark

Maybe after all
I’m not so scientific
Say I can’t be all you want
Here I’ll stay and be horrific

If your science says
a thing like me cannot exist
then my fundamental particles are all messed up
I’m a Chernobyl child
not in the body but a monster soul inside
a massive egregious fuck up

Excuse me a lot if now I’m not
being quite politically correct
I was just thinking
you would like that

Shit happens I guess
because despite loving Physics
here it turns up
I am unscientific
So say I can’t exist all you want
Here I’ll stay and I’ll be horrific


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