Rambling: I hope this helps to clarify…

I stumbled upon the 1000th Facebook post on how identity politics have contributed to the election of Donald Trump, and generally the rise of the far right in this moment, and how they are very very bad. So, since I’m not from the USA (and I’m very very very happy for that) and since I had a feeling that “identity politics” is something that involves me as well, I finally googled it to see what the fuck it actually is.

I looked on Wikipedia, the Guardian and even Fox News, among others. And the definition is basically the same for all the sources, left wing and right wing alike: identity politics are political positions based on the social groups the subject belongs to, which might be defined by sex, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, you name it.

So… I suppose that asking for reproductive rights, like abortion for example, is very very bad. And asking for homosexuals to be recognized as people, normal people, not freaks, and to not be discriminated against, and to be free to marry, that’s very very bad too. And asking for black people, or people browner than white at any rate, to be treated decently, like white people, that’s very very bad too. And asking for women to be considered as worthy as men and to not be sexually harassed or assaulted, that’s very very bad. And the same could be said if I asked, for example, that also men be recognized as possible victims of domestic abuse or sexual assault. And what about workers’ rights? That’s identity politics too, I suppose, as employed workers are a social class.

So the conclusion is that I’m a very very bad person. Not that I didn’t know already. Good, I like it! And since I’m a very very bad person, I don’t need to hold back and be polite, right? You don’t want me to go all politically correct, do you? So I can freely tell that this debate has sickened me. It sucks. And most of the time it’s empty. It’s talking about thin air. People are not actually interested in discussing the actual problems in “identity politics” movements, most of the time they’re not interested in improving them, they just want to sound cool and smug. Yes, there are pieces of shit in feminist movements and LGBT movements and so on. Shit, some “sub-movements” are even mainly constituted by pieces of shit in my opinion. The discovery of the century: people of a certain movement are not all saints. I think I deserve a Nobel.

I’m sick of this empty and useless debate, and I’m sick of the far right, and I’m also sick of some parts of the far left, and I’m sick of you little nagging shits holding the expression “identity politics” as if you were holding the key for the understanding of the universe. And since I’m sure you hate political correctness, then I hope this helps to clarify, I hope you die.



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