Stupid music to turn off my brain

Versione in italiano qui.

Actually, I don’t think that any intellectual activity is totally stupid. You’re still using your mind after all, and you’re still absorbing things and thinking about them. However, there is indeed intellectual activity which requires much more mind work than other; writing a book is way more demanding than writing this blog post, for example. Or watching a teenage TV series is much less mind stimulating than reading the bibliography of Lovecraft, who was a racist with insomnia who managed to write cool things. Yes, I’m reading the bibliography of Lovecraft. Oh this wasn’t what surprised you! Apologies. The teenage TV series is what surprised you, I realize. Yes, I’m watching it. To turn off my brain. And watching such trainwrecks makes me feel better for not being able to fit into society (“ugh, is this what normal teenagers do? Good thing I wasn’t one at the time then”). It also makes me learn what people usually think and do. I have to admit that that series is beautifully made though, I mean it’s not exactly junk television.


The topic of this post is stupid music I listen to in order to relax and also just because I enjoy it. Usually, I listen to all kinds of music (well, music that I like of course). From David Bowie and T. Rex to Lisa Germano, from Marilyn Manson to Tchaikowsky, from Kate Bush to Nine Inch Nails, and then from Amanda Palmer (and the Dresden Dolls) to my beloved Psyclon Nine, just to name some favourites. Sometimes though, I specifically need stupid things (all right I know that Marilyn Manson isn’t exactly brainy music. Even more stupid OK?). If I were always writing and thinking about monsters and doom and gloom and serious business I’d throw myself off the roof, people. So let’s get down to business and see the seven songs which are the core of my playlist of stupid at the moment.

Ängie – Smoke Weed Eat Pussy

Song about a young woman who decides to have a good time and starts smoking weed and eating pussy everyday. And there’s not much more than that (which is OK, it’s stupid music. There’s a lot of need for silly things as well as serious ones in this world). I think it was the video which struck me, the music is not especially my kind to be honest. If I had listened only to the music the first time it wouldn’t have caught me so much. But I saw the video also. My jaw was dropping on the keyboard. I find it very mesmerizing. The eyes of the singer, her facial expressions, the ways she moves her mouth, the light, all those flashy colours, and the music which accompanies it all. I think the first time I saw it I could literally feel my brains dripping out of my nose.


There must be a special place in hell for listening to songs by S3RL, I guess. But I do. Oh yes. I was very unsure whether to put this one or Click Bait in the post; Click Bait has a very nice video, very much brain-burning, which you can see on YouTube, but I feel more like this one at the moment. Theme of the song: guy who masturbates furiously watching anime and who dreams that the cartoon girl of his dreams come out of the screen to actually fuck him. Eh. I’m afraid you can masturbate forever, my dear. But fear not, because masturbation is very worth doing and recommended. Only, if you want a human being in flesh and bones in your bed, I think the best strategy is to get off the computer and out of the room and meet real people and find someone you match with.
Masturbate to cartoon!

Noah Cyrus – Make Me (Cry) ft. Labrinth

We’re in full teenage love drama here. Boyfriend and girlfriend fighting but still loving each other. I love all the weird noises it the song, it was what caught me the first time (I heard it on the radio), and I quite like the motif too. Now, though, what I like most of it is the way they sing, especially the way the female singer sings. I just enjoy her voice, I like the way it sounds.

Bloodhound Gang – Fire Water Burn

I don’t think this song has any specific, precise meaning. There are a lot of absurd jokes and wordplay in it, and various references to famous figures. What really gets me it’s the refrain. Then I go in full misanthropy/I hate the world/I hate these people/I’ll never be one of you!/I have no compassion for you/I’m a motherfucking megalomaniac/fit of hysterics mode. Just listen to it and you’ll get what I’m talking about (not the official video version though, that’s censored, listen to this). But hey, if I go to hell, then I hope I burn well.

Die Antwoord – Cookie Thumper

I don’t like the video that much (you can skip the intro, and I prefer the video of I fink u freeky a lot more), but this song is absolutely fantastic. It fundamentally speaks about a cookie thumper, a guy which fucks girls much younger his age, who gets out of prison and meets this girl, that is the singer, who’s a rapper, she loves rap, and they fuck. You don’t have to think too much when you listen to Die Antwoord you know. And I suspect that’s the whole point. Also, I can understand half of what they say as they often use Afrikaans in their songs, but I found a translation and the meaning of the Afrikaans parts is more or less the same of the English parts.
In this song there are some references to anal sex, especially at the beginning and at the very end. Be it for that, be it for the “bouncing” rhythm of that song, there’s only one thing I can think about when I listen to it: butt. Anal sex, dancing, twerking, you name it, as long as it is butt.
Two things actually: butt and destruction. No seriously. As in many Die Antwoord’s songs, but especially in this one, there’s something ferocious and wild about it, insane, destructive. It’s butt and bombs, twerking and fires, some apocalyptic scenery with people bouncing their asses like there’s not tomorrow (well I did say it was apocalypse). I find it all extremely funny! It’s a song which just gives me good humour.
Gee hom punani, maar hy soeki bum bra!

Vanessa Hudgens – Sneakernight

Other full teenage style song (early teenage). Teenage girl who wants to go out dancing. Funny and catchy song, perfect if you feel like some light music. But. I want to make you notice a thing. I cannot possibly be the only person on Earth who thinks that the keyboard motif, the one you can hear throughout the whole song in the background, is identical to the motif of the Phantom of the Opera theme song.

I particularly like this Nightwish’s version. I’m in the middle of Sneakernight, that motif travels through my circuits and suddenly I open my arms and go full the phaaaaaaantom of the opera is theeeeeeeere inside my miiiiiind! Never seen the film. Did appreciate the book.

Eminem – Real Slim Shady

I first stumbled upon this song when I was… eight? Seven, eight, nine, around that age. I heard it by sheer chance, and I loved it immediately, even though not speaking a word of English at the time I couldn’t get a thing of what it said. Not that it makes much sense for me now either. Wikipedia says that “the song is a critique of manufactured pop songs that were popular at the time”; in it Eminem insults various celebrities in particular, and in general everything and everyone (… I have some feeling I would be in the list of Eminem’s insults if he knew me xD). Lots of absurdities and jokes here as well; even though the text doesn’t bear a special significance for me I find it very ironic and funny. Cartoonish noises are awesome. And it has a lot of that I’m fucking god you motherfuckers and I do what I want and say what I want when I want and I hate you all ’cause I’m motherfucking better than you ’cause I’m a megalomaniac ’cause I’m mothefucking god ’cause you understand nothing ’cause I’m a motherfucking god have I already said I’m motherfucking god that I have too (apologies. There doesn’t appear to be much I can do about it). Emmy, I suspect I have more than a couple of screws up in my head loose.


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