How to NOT build up your public #2: I’m not famous yet

Read part 1: How to NOT build up your public #1: my art doesn’t exist

Versione in italiano qui.

My second problem is that I’m not famous yet. OK, I realize that this is like saying that the problem of the car which doesn’t start is that the car doesn’t start. Ya think? That should be the objective. Making the car start. Becoming famous (sort of). What I’m trying to say is that people who already have a public magically manage to create other public right for the fact that they’re already famous. People get interested in their business because they already know who they are. They can write the name of their new cat and people pay attention to it; they can repost the same thing a thousand times and people keep on paying attention to it (also because maybe that post was actually interesting or funny). Nobody gives a damn about the first arty guy going by, or almost nobody as my faithful 14 followers on Facebook prove. People don’t know me, and they justly don’t know what to do with what goes through the brain of a complete stranger. Not that I have it in for someone: it’s perfectly understandable; not even I take an interest in the arty types lost in the maze of the Web. Should I go and look at all the pages of all those who are trying to promote their art I’d become stupid.

Or maybe we can just introduce ourselves, so we won’t be strangers any more. “I am Stardust the wannabe artist – and you are the Person Who’s Very Interested In Me! So now we know each other!” (from “It”, 1990)

The fact is that those artists, the ones who write the name of the cat and get a thousand likes, have already hit the big time before. They’ve become famous maybe with more traditional methods. They’ve published their book through a publisher. They’ve signed a contract with a recording company. They’ve exhibited their works in some gallery. Anything. The public has appreciated their work and has started following them, consequently paying even more attention to the art that has come later. Then the public grows fond of the artist in question, gets interested in his life, in what he thinks, and there you have the cat which gets a shitload of liked.


I am doing exactly the contrary instead, because it seems to me anyway a better option than staying there and waiting in the lotus position for some publisher to get interested in me. Not that I’m not trying to get in contact with publishers, it’s that I find stupid not doing anything in the meantime. And so here comes my primordial soup of stuff connected only by my personal interest, in the hope of fascinating someone enough to convince him to take a look at my art.

Do you think I’m going to get a lot of publishers this way?

At this point it would be logic to look for help from my friends, to try to become “famous” first of all among them. Right? No.

part 3 in the making…


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