Swallow it

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And after some days of bad mood and rage, I think there’s need for something positive. Lately I’ve been writing a lot about immigrants or generally people, maybe even born in a western country, with an African/Arabic background, and even if, I underline again, I’m against every type of discrimination and generalization, I also wrote that I find reasonable to believe that those humans are likely to be more sexist/homophobic than an average human coming from a western country. This doesn’t mean that the “average human coming from blah blah” cannot be sexist/homophobic, or that it cannot be even worse than the above mentioned humans. An applause to Trump and affiliates for this. OK sorry for keeping on mentioning Trump, I know it’s a bad word.
What was I saying? Oh right, so I’ve been writing a lot of gloomy things, but among all the obscurity I also wrote that there are some special humans, among them, the different, the ones who don’t want to be swallowed up by the “culture” present in the countries where they come from. I wrote that I think they are needed now more than ever, the different, the special, the critical, the good, the respectful. Those humans are rare, surely rarer than the more normal and numb and conformist humans, but shit they can move mountains, dry seas and flood deserts. Some of the biggest changes in history have been made by the ones who were, well, basically freaks. I wonder if they have some alien DNA in them. I think that could actually be.

Anyway, tonight I want to write a little bit about those little changing, those little “different” that I’ve been noticing in my everyday life. Nothing extraordinary, nothing heroic, or maybe even more extraordinary right in as much as it is done normally. All right, all right, stop to the possessed talking. Only one more detail before writing the three things which have positively hit me during the last days (in chronological order): I wanted to write this even before, but I’ve actually started doing it after having seen this video, which I found pretty moving:


1. I was at a friend’s house some days ago, before going together to a party, a party in which a lot of people tend to wear black clothes (no, not a fascist party), and also the walls are black, and there are candles on the tables and so on. A party where some females tend to dress not too much, where nobody turns up his nose if males and females are dressed up little or weirdly, where homosexuals are treated as normal and can show their sexual orientation publicly. So I was there in this house of this friend who was backcombing her hair, and others of her friends, and the door bell rang and of course it was just another friend. Only that when this one came through the door I noticed that he had the aspect of the typical Middle Eastern guy: quite dark skin, some dark and curly beard, deep big dark eyes. Nothing strange, obviously: only because you live in a western country it doesn’t mean you have to be white. He also spoke a perfect language, I mean the language of the country where I live now, so again I assumed nothing: he could perfectly be a “native”. We introduced each other and I just kept sitting and chatting. After a short while I discovered he doesn’t drink, but I have to say that I’m not certain whether he doesn’t drink because he’s Muslim (actually I don’t even know if he’s Muslim), because for example I don’t drink either, and I’m not Muslim. Either way. Suddenly the fact that he has Pakistan origins popped out, and a big idiotic smile just printed on my face. Desiring to be nice and to talk to him, I asked if he usually attends this kind of parties (I do), and I added:
«Because I’ve never seen you!»
He pointed at his face: «I blend with the walls and the clothes. You just see a couple of eyeballs dancing.» Movement of the coupled index fingers to illustrate the dancing eyeballs. Gold. I think I didn’t stop giggling for like ten minutes.

2. I was at my trusted piercing studio to get the piercings number 14 and 15. Piercing studios are not the place where you go to look for a normal and cosy environment. This one in particular has pictures, on the walls, of naked people with only some metal here and there on them, like on the face, on the nipples, on the vulva, things like that. So I was there waiting, happy as a sandboy, while my piercer was finishing with the previous customer. I noticed this women sitting there, no more than a meter from me, her head all wrapped in her hijab (nothing towards hijabs, when it’s a personal choice). I made a greeting nod with a polite smile in her direction when our gazes met, she greeted back in the same way; then we both kept on waiting. At last my piercer was done, and out of the piercing room went two girls, one freshly pierced, the other, older, as a psychological support. The freshly pierced one could not be older than 15. She was wearing skinny trousers and a very short jumper which was leaving almost all her belly uncovered: on her navel the new piercing shined cheerfully. The other girl, probably a sister or a friend, wore a heavy make-up, had skinny jeans and was overall attractive. The young piercing-girl turned to the women in the hijab, speaking to her in a way a young human speaks to an older relative, a mother or an aunt maybe. The hijab-woman smiled and asked:
The piercing-girl raised even more her jumper, all proud, and showed the artwork.
The hijab-women smiled back and got up to pay.

3. Just the day before yesterday, I came to know this girl at work. We were working side by side and we spoke a little from time to time, while we were free, as I do with all my other colleagues. She has olive-coloured skin, but I didn’t pay any attention to it. She looked perfectly normal, surely more normal than me (not that a big effort is needed to achieve that). After some chit-chatting, I discovered that she comes from Iran. She has been here for six years. She doesn’t wear a veil, she wears skirts above the knee, she is very… well, normal.

So. Swallow it. You fucking christian islamic jew whatever fascist conservative white black racist strictly masculine male strictly feminine female homophobic misogynist misandrist whore, swallow it, swallow it all, thick and warm. And may it go down the wrong pipe.



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