Truth sets you free

Italian translation here.

And here comes part number two, sort of continuation of my previous post.

During the last few years, and in the last days more than ever, it looks like there are only two factions which you can take part in:
– the extremist right wing faction: immigrants are all bastards, anyone who has a skin colours different from ours is a bastard even if he/she was maybe born and grown up here. They come here and steal our welfare and our women. They should just stay where they belong; it doesn’t matter if it’s a hell there.
– the left wing: it’s all OK! Immigrants are exactly like us, there can be no difference because then you’re racist. They’re poor people in trouble, therefore they must be the kindest and nicest humans ever.

After Cologne and news of similar things happened in other European cities the two factions has just gone nuts:
– right wing: You see? They’re sexist bastards, exactly as we said. This is what you get for letting them in! AND, as if it wasn’t enough, you’re covering them! Police said nothing in the beginning in the name of political correctness, and you try to defend them! Immigrants out, the nation to its people! Let’s defend our women!
– left wing: Facts happened in Cologne are surely exaggerated; there’s a psychosis going on on the matter, and you are exploiting it for political propaganda. And anyway white males do exactly the same and nobody goes mad at them. And anyway if the people who committed the sexual assaults and harassments had been welcomed and treated better probably this wouldn’t have happened. If we love each other everything is going to be fine, ye ye ye.
Both sides are terribly right and terribly wrong. And, I’m afraid, no solution will come from either of them, unless some lucky and unexpected change happens.
Yes, there are many among the immigrants and refugees who are probably sexist bastards. This can be derived logically by looking at the way women are treated in the countries they come from. Yes, police said nothing in the beginning, and even if I cannot tell why because I have no way to know, I think it sounds pretty reasonable that they did it for fear of strong reactions towards the sexist bastards and generally towards African/Arabic immigrants or refugees, also the non-sexist ones. Needless to say, they just worsened the situation, which was well predictable. And yes, left wing people have somewhat tried to sugarcoat the whole thing, saying that they were exaggerated, that maybe they could also have been organized by xenophobe groups to gain popularity; that the criminals weren’t exactly the newly arrived refugees but people who have been resided in Germany for many years and so on.
And of course the facts in Cologne have been exaggerated, because for sure not all the men present in the square at the moment were involved in sexual assaults. I’ve read an interview (which you can read here, in Italian) made to a refugee who said he was there; he saw a lot of men in the square throwing firecrackers to each other, fighting with each other, most of them clearly under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Then they began to assault women and police was uncertain on what to do. He and a friend went away. I seriously doubt they were the only two innocents present at the moment. Other facts could also have been invented; for example it seems that the presumed mass assault happened in a disco in Bielefeld, where 500 men would have forced the entrance to go and harass women, has actually never happened. And yes, the right wing is exploiting it; it’s free propaganda handed on a silver platter.

Said that. I’m going to address especially left wing people now, because, at least traditionally, the right wing is sexist and I see their sudden feminism as a political move to gain consent (see again the whole “our women” rhetoric). Please, don’t be fools. I understand that you want to help people fleeing from countries devastated by war or oppressive regimes, and I applaud you for that. But keep in mind that coming from a difficult or even horrible situation doesn’t automatically mean that you are a good person. Being discriminated doesn’t automatically mean that you are a good person. Of course we must fight against discrimination, any type of discrimination, but refusing to accept that the discriminated people can also be bad people, being blind in front of the fact that in certain cases (only certain cases!) discrimination can also originate from actual things, just justifies that discrimination. And this happens because saying “oh no, they are discriminated, everything is blamed on them and therefore we must always step from the idea that what they’re accused of is false” sounds stupid and unrealistic even to an idiot. Doing so, your arguments lose all their strength, they look foolish; you give the idea that there is almost an ongoing discrimination on the contrary: if the discriminated are allowed to do what they want right because they are discriminated, then it is the oppressive part, the one which discriminates, to be discriminated. Doing so, you just put the condiment on the silver platter handed on to the extremist right wing.

Now please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying that discriminations should be allowed, never ever, Chernobyl forbid. But we must always be critical, always. Example: I’m feminist. I don’t think there’s need to say it. But I fight for females’ rights as well as I fight for males’ rights. I fight for equality. When a female is harming a male, I blame her; I don’t defend her only because she’s the female and therefore usually the part which is oppressed. Yes, sure women are discriminated, sure they suffer a lot of physical and psychological violence, and sure they can also be oppressors. This doesn’t justifies in any way discrimination or violence towards them. It’s just the truth.
I consider pretty illogical to assume that African and Arabic immigrants don’t bring with them a cultural baggage which includes discrimination towards women. Maybe even the majority of them (not ALL of them!), I don’t know. But it’s stupid to be blind to that. A lot of left wing people have fought against this point of view saying: “oh well, but also in the western countries there is a strong misogynistic culture. I mean, look at the advertisements, and at the words of certain politicians, and at the numbers of abusive relationships and so on. It’s also part of our culture.” …Yeah, great, I got it, I know, I’m not stupid, I have eyes and ears and everything. But don’t you realize that what you’re saying is that, if it’s actually a cultural question, then it’s reasonable to assume that immigrants with an African or Arabic background are likely to be more sexist than the average? Because in the countries where they come from discrimination against women is worse, even way way way worse. I think this can be considered a matter of fact. I mean, seriously, is like having two situations: one your house is on fire and two your house is on fire and you are inside it. Everyone would prefer situation number one, situation number two is way worse. But you say: “oh no, even situation one is very shitty! We just don’t want to have our house on fire”. Holy shit, I fucking know, and I agree with you; I don’t want to have my house on fire either! But please, recognize that situation number two is worse than situation number one. One certainly prefers to be outside a burning building, unless he has suicidal aspiration, what do you think?
Don’t let your political identity swallow your reason. I know that fascists scare you, I know that you don’t want to be on their side, never, in any case. I agree with you. But in this way you’re just giving them more power. Please. It’s so important, now it’s more important than ever. Always look for the truth, and start from there. Truth makes free. I’ve watched V for Vendetta again some days ago, I think that film displays more or less 90% of the things I truly believe in and fight for, and the importance of truth is restated again and again throughout it. I know that you feel that the western nations have many guilts; they have conducted and still conduct colonialist politics towards countries economically weaker; many of the wars in action now steps also from those politics. But don’t let yourselves be blinded for that. That doesn’t mean that the “other cultures” are better than the western ones in everything, or that either way they can’t be worse in any aspect. A human called Maajid Nawaz, whom I recently discovered, calls this attitude the Regressive-left double standard. He also says a thing which is fundamental: justifying or trying to hide or diminishing crimes committed by immigrants with a Muslim background has also the effect of stigmatizing the ones who are instead very critical towards their “culture” (I hate this word, really).

The voices of the ones who are different get lost if you assume that there’s no real need for them. You prevent them from being heard if you keep saying that it’s all OK. It’s good to be critical towards religions, towards regressive ways of living, it’s necessary! It doesn’t matter if it’s christianity or islam or whatever. You say that you hate fascism, but then in the name of the respect towards anyone you actually allow fascist behaviours to happen, just because they are committed by the outcast of society, by a minority. Because they ARE fascist behaviours! I’ve read of a woman, an activist for human rights and supporter of laicism, coming from a muslim country: well she was considered left wing when in her homeland and right wing when she got to a western country (I don’t remember the name of the article and therefore I cannot post it here, sorry). I’ve read, in tons of articles about Cologne, that muslim immigrants are not evil, they’re just different: the impact with a different way of living and considering women can be strong and they can be not able to know how to react or behave. Just to begin with, this is the stigmatization of which Nawaz talked about. And then, shit, also a fascist is different, also Trump is different! Different can also mean evil, you know. A misogynist is certainly different from a feminist, a homophobic person is different from one who fights for gay rights, 100% sure!

I think all this is absurd. Please please please humans use your mind. It’s there, it can work, I know that. And search and love truth. Truth sets you free, once you take the courage to really look at it in the eyes, even when it hurts. Truth sets everyone free.


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