Crunchiness is important

Italian translation here.

So! Here are a couple of considerations, one which I wanted to write way before Cologne but didn’t have time for, and one which popped up in my mind later but I think it’s valuable for any time. I decided to split them into two posts to not have a too long one.

I already spoke about this subject in Islam or a strong Occident, but I think it deserves more attention. For some time now, and registering a peak after the Cologne sexual assaults, harassments and robberies, the following contrast is more and more raised: the “good fascists” towards the “bad immigrants/refugees”. Some times ago, before Cologne, I also saw a terribly dismal cartoon popped out on my Facebook news feed, which I would have liked to copy here to make you see it, so that you don’t think I’m delusional (more than usual I mean). Unfortunately who posted the cartoon seems also to have removed it and I’ve not been able to find it again on Google, thing which I suppose I should be glad for. The cartoon represented a white and tall man, bald-headed (in case you didn’t know being hairless is used is some environments by male humans to indicate membership to neo-fascist neo-nazi groups), with a black shirt (again symbol of fascism) punching in the face a short, fat and pretty much ridiculous black man. On the cartoon there was the writing: “Massacre the rapists! Here we are not in Africa!” (it was in Italian, I translated). At one corner of the picture an Italian flag with a black eagle on the white stripe: the fascist battle Italian flag.

I mean, we are at this point. OK, we’ve always been at this point, but now I think it’s degenerating. If you think that post was just coming from a couple of crazed people and doesn’t represent the general way of thinking at the moment, I invite you to remember Trump.
What all these people seem to forget, or maybe they just don’t know it from the gulf of their ignorance, is that fascists are sexist. Fascism is based on the idea that your nation is absolutely the best; on the contempt of other “races” different from the one which is predominant in your nation; on the contempt of everything which is different with no regards to how; on the glorification of the military life and the disdain for all that is weak and not big and strong; they use rape as a military weapon, they consider homosexuals as dirty perverts or errors of nature and women as oven for sprogs or pink stupid princesses to save and conquer, if we’re very lucky. It’s not a case that all the occidental women I know supporting fascism or extremist right wing ideologies are not even able to wipe their ass if there’s not a cock hovering around them. Strictly a white cock, to be perfectly clear. Fascists are against the rape of women in their country if committed by foreigners because they want to have the exclusive right to rape “their” women. Indeed, have you ever noticed that the terms “our women” or “their women” are used a lot in this context?
When they propose you the dualism fascism or islamic invasion, they’re asking you: Which sexist do you want to have? The white sexist or the brown sexist? The christian sexist or the muslim sexist? What about a jew sexist, for a change? Or a mixed-race sexist? Wow, that would be mind-blowing. What do you want him to wear? Long beard and tunic or a uniform full of medals?
I, for myself, know what type of sexist I like. Black, still warm and smoking, and especially crunchy. Crunchiness is important.


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