Just do it.

Italian translation here.

Hello humans and aliens. Here I am again, to share the voice of my people! Did you pass a happy new year’s eve? Maybe… in Cologne? Did you have a good time there, uh?

So… what happened? A big crowd of male humans, like 1000 bodies is said by the media, constituted in large part by humans coming from Arabic lands and North Africa, sexually assaulted or harassed more than a hundred female humans. They also stole bags, phones, money. It happened also in other cities.
Let’s skip the “is it really true” part. I wasn’t there, so I cannot witness personally, obviously, but I see no reason for not to believe it. Apart from the fact that the media have a tendency to lie and to present only certain “truths”, but this is a very general consideration. I think the facts happened in Cologne did happen, most likely, because, media and witnesses and victims apart, it is exactly the kind of thing humans like to do. So, let’s assume is true, and if it’s not true all the better. I have a hell lot of consideration to write about it, so here they are:

1. Of course it’s a cultural problem. Humans believe to whatever it is told to them for a discrete number of years with a sufficient emphasis. Especially when they are still whelps. It’s clear under your star the Sun that in the great majority of African and Arabic countries the female is considered inferior, slightly more than an object if you’re lucky. I fail to see why one should hesitate in saying this: I have no problem in saying that Americans are crazy about weapons and capitalism, that Italians are corrupted and pretty ignorant, that Japanese freak the hell out about their careers.

2. Does it happen also by means of occidental human males? Well, of course yes. What’s that, a trick question? Is it just to see if I’m paying attention? Come on. Don’t try to use it to sugarcoat what happened in Cologne. “Oh yeah yeah, it’s so terrible, but you know, also occidental men do it”. Yes, and so? Is it less terrible, less disgusting? Should tolerance be expressed towards it? “Oh no, no, it’s just that we shouldn’t do a fuss about it only when it’s immigrants and stranger to be guilty”. Yeah, great. I honestly don’t give a fuck about this, because I consider occidental men as much as guilty when they commit the same type of crimes. Yes, some people instead consider occidental men to be excusable, while immigrants are always guilty, and some do the exact contrary and make a hell of a fuss when it’s local men and fall inexplicably silent when it’s immigrants. Fuck them all. They’re the same type of shit and deserve the same scorn.

3. So, is sexism part also of the occidental culture? Here we are again, with the trick questions. Yes, sure. Less than in Arabic and North African countries? Well, absolutely yes, you don’t need to be an anthropologist or a sociologist to realize it. It is sufficient to look at the laws of the different countries.

4. Does it mean that people coming from African and Arabic countries, and possibly muslims, should be denied access to European and North American countries? Yes and no. No because among them there are certainly, 100% sure also because I personally know some of them, people who are decent and who refuse to accept the system of values which their original “culture” proposes. There are people who are escaping right because of this, in addition to war and poverty. While the majority of humans is born stupid and believes to anything, with zero thought independence, there are also humans who are born better.
So how do you solve this? By organising courses about the importance of the freedom and respect of women for the immigrants? Waisted time. Would it work for Trump? No, he’s too stupid, and the same is valid for them. There’s nothing to do with stupid humans, apart from eliminating them. So no, no courses. Expulsion? Well, better than nothing, but the sexist is still going around on Earth, and it’s a difficult process, not easily viable especially if it involves lots of people, at least as far as I know. Do we deny access to all the immigrants coming from those countries? Well, that would reduce the violence towards women in the streets, but it’s also going to cause the death or the sufferance of the decent humans above. I care about them. So I don’t really like it.
What would actually solve the problem, also the occidental one, would be accepting immigrants and refugees and whatever; while at the same time having absolutely zero tolerance towards sexual harassment and rape, no matter who commits it. With zero tolerance I don’t mean that you sit in front of the rapist/harasser and mildly shake your head saying that nopety nope what he did was not ok, here’s a cookie for you. I mean that the whole society should point its finger at them. I mean that also teenagers should face serious consequences (please drop the bullshit that they’re teens so they don’t know any better. You’ve been/are a teen too. You know that teens are not stupid, that’s only an excuse to reassure the world: they didn’t really want to do it! Oh yes, they did). Is this going to happen any time soon? No. Not without a little help from my imaginary friends.
At the end of the day I think that the most practical solution, for human beings, would be that one of either expulsion of the guilty, provided that it’s actually put into practice, or denying access to immigrants coming from the “sexist and homophobic countries” (that is more sexist and homophobic than the European average). If on one side I agree with it, because if I have to choose between two evils I choose the lesser, on the other I cannot help thinking about the damage inflicted to the decent humans. After all, I cannot expect humans to be able to realise the best solution. I just strongly hope my people come soon to begin the process of, how can I say, improvement of the human species. It involves some thinning out.

5. More practical and immediate suggestions to solve the problem while we wait for my people to come. Women, if you really care about your freedom, you should start defending it yourselves. Ask for help to the institutions, sure, go to demonstrations or do them yourselves, perfect, all of this is very important. But there comes a time when you have to pass to action. And that time is now. That time is always now, and will always be. Demonstrations and nice conversations are important and I like them, but they’re almost never enough. Crying and desperation are perfectly fine, they’re also necessary to vent one’s emotions, but whining has never moved a sand grain. Men, if you’re real men and not just bodies with the only purpose of propagating the species (which is a very petty purpose by the way), you must support women in this. Persons are just persons, no matter of which sex, and assholes are just assholes. So if you don’t belong to the second category, you must behave as a person does. As a worthy creature does.
Rights are always to be taken, not to be asked for. Female humans, do you want to be free to go around alone at night? Then just do it. Are you worried about the assholes who might not like it? Then act consequently. What does it mean? Oh well, I don’t think it’s difficult to understand. Humans are mortals, right? Their flesh is soft, the neck and eyes are delicate. You don’t have to use only the strength of you bodies. What did you develop the opposable thumb for? Your nice hands are not useful only to put the nail polish on, you know, you can grab a lot of things. You choose what. Just do it.

Do you want to have justice for what happens? Then take it yourself. Just do it. Nobody is going to help you, not now, because the truth is that the institutions don’t really care. Why should they care for you? Who are you for them? Are cases of rape often punished? Is the destruction of sexism a common value? Mh? Why do the “feminist countries” have a friendly relationship with, just to say one, Saudi Arabia, when it comes to oil? Why does Reker give advice to women on how to behave to not get raped, why does she think that it’s not a women’s right to walk alone at night? She is sexist exactly as the criminals of Cologne, she is in no way better than them. What you want to do to take justice is your own business. Do you want to do it alone? Great. Organized in groups? Equally great. Which method are you going to use? Just choose the one you like best. The ones who discriminates women, men, homosexuals, heterosexuals, black, white, whatever, are not persons and won’t ever be. Just do it.
Are you scared for the consequences of that? Well, I’m not saying you have to fuck up your life for it, also because if you fuck up your life there’s one less fighting, and I also totally understand the will of having a happy life, sure. Everyone wants a happy life, that’s the purpose of your living. But the paralysis, the not doing anything, that’s a crime. And it also leads to NOT having a happy life. How can you have a happy life if you’re not respected? How could you ever be happy? Things are not going to get better by themselves, they’re just going to get worse, and the worse they get the unhappier you’ll be. Is this what you want? Don’t you give a shit for your rights? Are you just going to let the world go by, without trying to improve it? What kind of person are you? Are you just going to retire in a corner? And let your life slip away like this? In nothing? With nothing to be proud for? Knowing that you yourself are an accomplice of sexism? That you yourself with your behaviour justify the acts of the sexists? That you yourself are exactly like Reker? And if you have children, how could you justify to them that you don’t want to try to improve the world they’ll be obliged to live in? That you don’t really care if they grow up in a shitty society and feel bad, because it’s too much of an effort to do something? If you have daughters, are you going to tell them that they must not go outside alone at night? That it’s not their right? That if they get raped it’s only their fault? What kind of parent are you? Oh, oh I see, you’re the worried parent, you want only their good. And so, to achieve their good and happiness, you deprive them of their rights, and treat them like objects. That’s incredibly logical, humans, seriously. If I was you, I wouldn’t even be able to watch my daughter in the eyes. Shame on you.

Be proud. Be strong. Be just. Be better. No matter how. Just do it.


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