Scary piercings

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Hello, aliens and humans.

Today I want to speak about how much humans are concerned with physical aspect. It’s crazy. I think about 80% of your worries and evaluations are about physical aspect. You judge a person way more for what it looks like than for what it actually is as a person. Not surprised that you are buried by problems, I would be amazed if things went well in this world, given the circumstances. In particular, in this moment I’m thinking of working environments.

Since I live here, I have to work to make a living (which we do as well, only in a different way). Great then, I started looking for a job a while ago and to make things easier I also decided to attend to a course, the aim of which was helping people in the job seeking process. Fantastic! Thing is, almost immediately, and for all the duration of the course, what I’ve heard most was basically that it would have been hard as hell for me to find a job because I have piercings. I would like to underline that I live in one of the countries which are most open minded and which have the best working environments, at least according to official statistics, and I have to say that I find them pretty much correct. Nevertheless, I wasn’t surprise at all when I was discouraged from wearing my piercings, because I know you even too well and I am well aware of how your brains work; indeed that was exactly what I was expecting. Humans are boring.

Either way. How stupid is that? Seriously, I know that you really believe that piercings are not OK at a working place, but it eludes me what sort of reasoning is there behind it. I mean, in your opinion how would piercings affect the work of an employee? Do you really believe that they could prevent it from doing something? From fulfilling its tasks? I fail to see how you could believe that. It’s just a piercing, something nice and made of metal that you put somewhere on your face, or on your body; I have 13 of them (counting also the ones on ears, they’re piercings too) and I can absolutely guarantee you that neither my movements nor my mental faculties are affected by them. I also did university exams with all my piercings on, and I took a degree, and nothing bad happened. I also know a lot of humans and a couple of aliens who have piercings, and I never noticed any bad effect coming from them. Of course, if they get infected it’s not that nice, but it’s easy, really, you have just to keep them clean while they’re healing.

So no, I think I can assume it’s not because they prevent you from doing something. So, is it because you think it’s unusual? Improper? I think this could be the reason, yes. But by all the stars, why? I now fail to see why it should be improper. Please define improper. Am I lacking of respect towards someone by wearing my piercings? I really don’t think so: I’m not physically hurting anyone, not even myself except that brief moment when the needle goes through my flesh (it doesn’t go through a lot of flesh, you know, it’s not that I get stabbed, I’m perfectly fine, don’t worry for me); I’m not yelling at anyone; I’m not discriminating anyone; I’m not telling anyone horrible things of any kind; I’m not committing any crime and I don’t think you can use piercings to do that, they’re very tiny and they cannot explode or whatever. So no, no lack of respect coming from me. Is it just because the majority of people don’t wear them? So it means they’re ugly? Is this the way you decide what is proper and what is not? Just looking at what others do? A couple of centuries ago people were dressed in a totally different way, a way which nowadays people would laugh at, and they considered it proper. To say nothing about the fact that piercings on ears are accepted, especially on women. Where’s the logic in this? I personally don’t care the way someone is dressed (as long as you’re not wearing a rifle, that is), clothes are just clothes, piercings are just piercings. Fashion changes. Does this mean anything to you? To say it with Alice’s words: “Who’s to say what’s proper? What if it were agreed that “proper” meant wearing a codfish on your head? Would you wear it?” (Alice in Wonderland, 2010 film). Or, to say with my more alienish words: if everyone was setting himself on fire, would you do that? That could be an interesting social experiment.

Come on humans, where’s your brain? Link your synapses! Do you even think about what you say and do? Do you stop like thirty seconds a day and ask yourself if what you’re doing makes any sense? No, I don’t believe so: if that was the case, you’d probably already solved a good half of your problems. You just keep walking groping around in the dark. The dark of your own empty heads. Or maybe I should congratulate with you, because people with piercings and tattoos and all those really scary things are more and more accepted. Such good humans, take the biscuit.

Of course this is not valid only for piercings. Also bright colours are not well seen, have you noticed that? I’ve never seen a receptionist/secretary/whatever wearing, I don’t know, bright blue trousers with an extremely colourful shirt upon them. The average outfit for that kind of jobs is of soft colours, black, white, beige, grey. What’s wrong with colours? What’s wrong with anything which is not usual, but neither damaging?

Just two final comments.

One. Telling me that wearing piercings is a problem if I want to find a work, and that therefore I should consider taking them away, is exactly like saying that nobody gives a fuck about my knowledge and skills, what counts is only the way I look like. I’m aware that that’s how it is, but it doesn’t exactly put you in a good light, you know. Come closer, I’ll tell you a secret, come here: “*whispering* it’s exactly like saying to a black person that he won’t get a job because he’s black, or to a homosexual person that he won’t get a job because he’s homosexual, or to a woman that she won’t get a job because she’s a woman, and so on. I know that I could take my piercings off, but that doesn’t change the principle. And by suggesting me to take them off, you’re just corroborating the general idea that discriminating someone on the base of its physical aspect is OK, that translated means you’re just corroborating the general assholery. But that’s a secret, so don’t tell it around, got it pal?”

Two. Today I actually went to a job interview. And they’ve been extremely nice. They didn’t look at me as if I was an alien (oh-oh-oh, what a laugh). They didn’t comment on anything regarding my body, actually. They have been very kind and informal, and they seemed to be fascinated and pleased that during my free time I’ve recently written a book; they considered it as a prove that I’m not the kind of person who stares at the ceiling when it has nothing urgent to do. They were interested in what I do in my free time, they wanted to know what the book is about, if I want to publish it or not. At a certain point, just out of the blue, they asked me what kind of music I like, even though this had absolutely nothing to do with the job, nor with the book. Not saying that they didn’t judge me because of the piercings, but in any case at least they didn’t show it and they didn’t looked perplexed or annoyed by them, and I think that actually they weren’t. They looked honest. They treated me as a person. Which makes the difference.


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