Rant about Paris

Italian version here.

I don’t think I can give a humorous tone to this post. I don’t want to. I wouldn’t have liked to write my second post on this subject, and probably I’ll sound prosaic and predictable. But if I skipped this, I would feel guilty. So yeah, it’s about Paris.

Humans, you are so stupid. You are so mean. I can’t really see a solution for you, that it isn’t your destruction. You have been doing things like this for millennia. From the moment your species developed, I guess. And you think now it’s different. That it’s that one’s or this one’s fault. No. It has always been like this. It’s just that you prefer not to see it. Or maybe, you’re not intelligent enough to do it.
People, fucking religious fanatics, attack a city because they think this way they’ll fulfil their duties as Muslims. Maybe they think they’ll also do a favour to the lands they come from, destroyed by wars, wars often financed and supported by the western countries, mostly for money. For economy. Stupid people. Evil people. They hit normal persons, people who probably have absolutely nothing to do with those wars; maybe some of them were also volunteers in war zones, for sure some of them were lovers and had therefore something beautiful to give to the Universe. They don’t care, or rather maybe is exactly that kind of people they want to hit.
Other people blame refugees for what has happened. They are the terrorists. They have the fault. They must be accused, thrown out, destroyed. Often, I think most of the times, those refugees are fleeing (or at least trying to) from those wars the terrorists thrive so well in. They’re just trying to (re)build their own lives. Some of them are assholes, sure, exactly as some of western people are assholes. The problem is just in being human. But now it’s only their fault.
A lot of the people who now blame refugees for what has happened, are right wing people. Extreme right wing. They say that Islam is a violent religion, they say that Muslims want to destroy the western values: freedom, respect, culture. In the place I fell when I first landed on Earth, the place I lived for quite a lot of years, and it was a western country, I had occasions to know what extreme right wing parties are. Most of the humans who take part into them are sexist and homophobic. Sometimes they attack with physical violence those who would like to have freedom and equal rights. They don’t read much, they don’t like to be informed. They don’t like culture in general. Often, they don’t even like piercings and colourful dyed hair, and not even dreads, nor tattoos. I don’t know for what sort of curious “mental” association, don’t ask me. They are very similar to the terrorists they claim to hate. They are actually incredibly similar to them; I don’t really know why they haven’t already allied with each other. They would be more powerful. Oh shit, I hope they don’t read this: I wouldn’t like to give them the idea.
There have been a lot of terrorists attacks, more or less organized by groups, from other people, also, people who are not Muslims. Examples? Breivik in Norway, NAR in Italy, just to name a couple. But that’s OK, right? They were born in western countries, so more or less it’s okay. No problems with violence towards women, as well, no problem with violence towards homosexuals, nah, that’s normal, things that happen.
What I’m trying to say it’s that most of the things you do are absolutely absurd. You hate terrorists because they fight against respect, peace and freedom, and YOU are against respect, peace and freedom. You say that all Muslims are like that, even though there are clearly Muslims, quite a lot of them actually, who are not and don’t want to be terrorists. Refugees are trying to run from them, most of the times. I could go on forever.

I hate you, humans. My people hate you. We all hate you so much. We hate Islamic terrorists, we hate what has been done in Paris. We hate also what has been done in Beirut. We hate sexists, we hate homophobic people, we hate people who hate colourful hair, tattoos and piercings, and fancy clothes. We hate who hate culture, books, films, museums. We hate who hate science. We hate bigots and the voluntarily ignorant, of all origins and provenances. We hate who hate respect.
There, that is your problem: you totally lack of respect towards your fellow beings. You don’t care if one of them is suffering. If some of them is coming under an injustice. No, you don’t care. You perpetrate those injustices. You are very happy of you results. Terrorists are happy when they kill their victims. Extreme right wing people are happy when they bit the shit out of a homosexual. Bullies are happy when they make the geek of the day cry. You have no empathy. You have no respect. You just don’t care.

I don’t have much hope for you, humans. I don’t think this is a valid excuse for not to try to improve your society, but you haven’t changed in thousands of years. I’m so sad for this. I don’t even know why, I’m not one of you, I’ll never be; I shouldn’t really care. But it is in the DNA of my people to care, while yours is rotten, defective. So I do care. I myself know a lot of humans whom more or less I get along well with, but I can’t help noticing those signs which clearly show your deficiency. Ignorance. Indifference. Egoism. Taste for other’s misfortunes. Narrow-mindedness. Hate for what is new, even if it is beautiful and constructive.

I miss my people so much.


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