First post

Versione italiana qui.

Hello, aliens and humans. And welcome to my blog.

I am alien. Guess that’s pretty obvious. I got lost on Earth in 1993, and from then on I haven’t been able to return to my mother planet (or maybe I should say mother world). Life here has been kind of difficult: my species and the human species are so different from each other. After having long struggled to try to understand them, I’ve given up; there’s no point in doing it. Most of them are mean and treacherous creatures, their minds are a maze of emotions and basic instincts, mixed with a very poor logic. Holy hell. How am I supposed to deal with them, seriously? I mean, we aliens do have emotions and instincts and we are wild and insane, all right, but we have style. AND logic. And we understand one another. And we don’t behave as useless and brainless little scraps of the otherwise beautiful Universe. OK, I’ll stop it. But I have to be honest: there are rare cases in which humans turn out to be loving, caring, inspired, mindful beings. Maybe it’s not all lost. Or maybe it is. I cannot know.

A while ago it occurred to my mind that it would have been fun to write and share the observations, experiments, experiences I collected during my stay on this planet. Translated, it means that basically I’ll yell at humans in this blog (but not only that). I hope it will help other aliens to feel less lonely, me to find them, humans to improve themselves, provided that it is possible (I personally doubt so). And most of all I hope you have fun reading it.

Stay tuned.



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